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Secure development
made simple

GitHub Codespaces gets you up and coding faster with fully configured, secure cloud development environments native to GitHub.

Available in every repository
Getting started is just a click away
Dev environments that just work

Secure by design

Created with security in mind, Codespaces provides a secure development environment through its built-in capabilities and native integration with the GitHub platform.

Isolated environments

Access administration

Cost control

where you code

Codespaces provides a shared development environment and removes the need for complex setups.

Visual Studio Code

A home away from home for your code

Start coding instantly from anywhere in the world. Switching projects? Grab a new machine from the cloud that’s preconfigured for that project. Your settings travel with you.

CPUs up to

32 cores

Memory up to

64 GB

Spin up in

<10 sec

Your space, your way

Tabs or spaces? Monokai or Solarized? Prettier or Beautify? It’s up to you. Control every nerdy detail only you care about with your own dotfiles repository.

IntelliCode logo


ES Lint logo

ES Lint

Prettier logo


Live Server logo

Live Server

Live Share logo

Live Share

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Debugger for Java logo

Debugger for Java

Browser preview and port forwarding

Preview your changes and get feedback from teammates by sharing ports within the scope allowed by policy.

Review port forwarding docs

Onboard faster

Quickly spin up a codespace with only an IDE or browser and a GitHub account. With a few configuration files, you can give your developers an instant, fully configured, and secure development environment so they can start coding immediately.

codespace name: mn-webgl-sandbox
git branch name: webgl-changes 0 changes behind 6 changes ahead
Codespace created by mnmxmx User mnmxmx avatar Active
codespace name: ui refactoring
git branch name: layout-refactor 4 changes behind 2 changes ahead
Codespace created by joshfarrant User joshfarrant avatar Active
codespace name: psychic space doodle
git branch name: node-extensions 1 change behind 5 changes ahead
Codespace created by simmonsjenna User simmonsjenna avatar Active

What can you do with Codespaces?

Learn how GitHub builds with Codespaces

Code from any device

Want to code on an iPad? Go for it. Spin up Codespaces from any device with internet access. Don’t worry if your device is powerful enough—Codespaces lives in the cloud.

Onboard at the speed of thought

No more building your dev environment while you onboard. Codespaces launches instantly from any repository on GitHub with pre-configured, secure environments.

Streamline contractor onboarding

Codespaces gives you control over how your consultants access your resources, while providing them with instant onboarding and a fluid developer experience.

Fix bugs right from a pull request

Got a pull request detailing a bug or security issue? Open Codespaces right from the pull request without waiting for your dev environment to load.

What developers are saying

What used to be a 15-step process is just one step: open Codespaces and you’re off and running.
Clint Chester Developer Lead, Synergy
It’s so much easier for developers to use or even contribute to any repo when they can just spin up a codespace and immediately start working with the code.
Katie Peters Staff Developer, TELUS
Before Codespaces, the onboarding process was tedious. Instead of taking two days, now it only takes a minute for a developer to access a pristine, steady-state environment, thanks to prebuilds.
Robbie Ostrow Software Engineering Manager, Vanta Security
Codespaces… lets developers skip the tedious, error-prone stuff that normally stands between them and getting started on real work.
Keith Annette Cloud Capability Lead, KPMG, UK

Environments on demand

Individuals can use Codespaces for free each month for 60 hours, with pay-as-you-go pricing after. Teams or Enterprises pay for Codespaces. A maximum monthly cap can also be set for extra pricing control.

2 cores
$0.18 USD /hour
60 hours /month free for individuals
4 cores
$0.36 USD /hour
30 hours /month free for individuals
8 cores
$0.72 USD /hour
15 hours /month free for individuals
16+ cores


$0.07 USD /GB per month
15 GB /month free for individuals

As an individual, you can try GitHub Codespaces for free up to 60 hours and 15GB storage per month. Decide how many cores you need and go. Your free hours and storage automatically reset each month.

Frequently asked questions

How does Codespaces work?

A codespace is a development environment that's hosted in the cloud. Customize your project for GitHub Codespaces by configuring dev container files to your repository (often known as configuration-as-code), which creates a repeatable codespace configuration for all users of your project.

GitHub Codespaces run on a various VM-based compute options hosted by, which you can configure from 2 core machines up to 32 core machines. Connect to your codespaces from the browser or locally using an IDE like Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ.

How do I use Codespaces?

There are a number of entry points to spin up a Codespaces environment, including:

Learn more about how to use Codespaces in our documentation.

Is Codespaces available for individual developers?

Codespaces is available for developers in every organization, and under the control of the organization who pays for the user's codespace. All personal (individual) accounts include a quota of free usage each month, which organizations can enable (see the next question) for their private and internal repositories. GitHub will provide users in the free plan 120 core hours or 60 hours of run time on a 2 core codespace, plus 15 GB of storage each month. See how it's balanced on the billing page.

Is Codespaces available for teams and companies?

Codespaces is available for teams and companies, but needs to be enabled first in an organization’s settings. Teams and companies can select which repositories and users have access to Codespaces for added security and permissioning control. Learn how to enable Codespaces in an organization in our docs.

How much does Codespaces cost?

Codespaces is free for individual use up to 60 hours a month and comes with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing after that. It’s also available for organizations with pay-as-you-go pricing and has pricing controls so any company or team can determine how much they want to spend a month. Learn more about Codespaces pricing for organizations here.

Can I self-host Codespaces?

Codespaces cannot be self-hosted.

How do I access Codespaces with LinkedIn Learning?

You can use Codespaces directly through LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning offers 50+ courses across six of the most popular coding languages, as well as data science and machine learning. These courses are integrated with Codespaces, so you can get hands-on practice anytime, from any machine via LinkedIn. These courses will be unlocked on LinkedIn Learning for free through Feb. 2023. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning and GitHub Codespaces here.

How do I enable Codespaces on GitHub?

Codespaces is on by default for developers with a GitHub free account. If you belong to an organization, there may be a policy that prevents cloning—but if you can clone a repository, you will be able to start using Codespaces. Organizations will also need to pay for, enable, and manage their Codespaces instances.

Is Codespaces available for students?

Codespaces is available for free to students as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Learn more about how to sign up and start using Codespaces and other GitHub products here.

Is Codespaces available for open source maintainers?

Codespaces provides both maintainers and contributors with generous free monthly usage.